Professional Publications

Dr. Zieman has conducted numerous research studies which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, he as published two books and several manuals.

Supplemental Psychology Textbook

Dr. Zieman published a psychotherapy casebook (Untreed Reads, San Francisco, 2012) for use in introductory psychology courses as a stimulus for student interests in psychotherapy and clinical psychology careers.

The text is based on Dr. Zieman’s decades of cross-cultural work, which began during his first clinical psychology position as an itinerant psychologist serving the Hispanic villages and Indian reservations of western and northern New Mexico. His clinical projects since have taken him to Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, the aboriginal outback of Australia, American Samoa, and the Fiji Islands. Additionally, he lived on two U.S. Army bases in Germany for a mental health project serving the families of soldiers returning from war deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The casebook presents seventeen challenging (clinically and ethically) psychotherapy cases which illustrate cross-cultural factors and different psychotherapy techniques.