Topics for Consultation & Counseling

  • Post parent separation/divorce—developing an initial parenting plan with timesharing and provisions for the working details such as:  holiday timeshare, child exchanges, and travel with the children.
  • Reworking of an existing parenting plan to account for changed circumstances such as: maturity of the children, changes in the parental homes, changes in child needs, or issues related to parent health or behaviors.
  • Parenting and coparenting when there are child special needs, such as:  health issues, special education accommodations, or particular child desires.
  • Parent relocation outside central New Mexico.
  • Concerns about parent alienation or child rejection of a parent.
  • Counseling parents (jointly or individually) in the methods of good coparenting—especially communication and cooperation—while serving the best interest of the joint children.

Engagement & Processes

  • By email or telephone, the purpose of seeking consultation and/or counseling is discussed with one or both parents to assure a fit between needs and services.
  • Prior to any intake appointment, Dr. Zieman will request documentation to review (such as the current parenting plan) and/or completion of one or more background forms.
  • An initial intake appointment will be set with one or both parents for Dr. Zieman to learn the details of the issues and to propose what services will be most appropriate
  • Subsequent individual or joint appointments (with parents, the children in question, or associated others) will be planned and completed as needed after the intake process.
  • Services may be in-person or via video.


  • Dr. Zieman does not accept court appointment as a Parenting Coordinator, Special Master, or a Custody/Parenting Plan Evaluator.
  • Dr. Zieman does not do Reunification Therapy to repair a ruptured parent-child relationship.
  • Dr. Zieman does not do court testimony or write letters/reports for use in litigation. Parenting plans developed during services, however, may be used by parents in their future mediation, and/or as proposals for adoption by the court.  The parenting plans written by Dr. Zieman are guaranteed to be in a format acceptable to the New Mexico district courts for direct adoption and inclusion into child custody orders.


  • All services are billed at the rate of $190 per hour.
  • Services related to coparenting, parenting between two home, and parenting plan development/implementation are not healthcare services, and therefore healthcare insurance is not applicable.
  • Fee retainers for specific tasks or blocks of time may be requested, such as for the initial document review, blocks of planned service time, or document writing by Dr. Zieman.
  • Acceptable are split fee arrangements, such as one parent paying X% and the other parent paying Y%.
  • Cash, personal check, and card payments (debit and credit) are all excepted.