Topics for Mediation & Arbitration

  • Development of an initial parenting plan with timesharing and provisions for the working details such as: holiday timeshare, child exchanges, and travel with the children.
  • Reworking of an existing parenting plan to account for changed circumstances such as: maturity of the children, changes in the parental homes, changes in child needs, or issues related to parent healthcare or behaviors.
  • Dealing with or planning for unique issues in parenting or coparenting, such as: child special needs, parent or child health issues, special education accommodations, or unique child desires.
  • Parent relocation outside central New Mexico.
  • Dealing with a child’s rejection of a parent or other household members.

Engagement & Processes

  • By email or telephone, the purpose of seeking mediation and/or arbitration is discussed with both parents (or the attorneys for both) to assure that mediation and/or arbitration are appropriate.
  • Consent to mediate and/or arbitrate is obtained from both parents or their legal counsels plus a list of topics for mediation/arbitration must be agreed upon.  Also acceptable is a court order specifying that mediation on a specified list of topics is to occur, with or without a stipulation for arbitration.
  • Prior to any initial mediation session, Dr. Zieman will request documentation to review (such as the current parenting plan) and/or completion of one or more background forms.
  • Mediation and arbitration sessions are typically held in set blocks of time with Dr. Zieman ranging from 2 to 4 hours.  With advance notice, attorneys for each parent may be present and involved in the negotiations.
  • Sessions may be done in-person or via video, but there is always a preference by Dr. Zieman for in-person sessions.


  • Dr. Zieman does not mediate or arbitrate regarding topics of spousal support, tax-related matters, or joint property/debt settlement.
  • Regarding child support, Dr. Zieman will assist parties in coming to agreements, but he will not calculate child support amounts for parents.


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  • All services are billed at the rate of $230 per hour.
  • Mediation and arbitration services are not healthcare services, and therefore healthcare insurance is not applicable.
  • Fee retainers for specific tasks or blocks of time may be requested, such as for the initial document review, blocks of planned service time, or document writing by Dr. Zieman.
  • Acceptable are split fee arrangements, such as one parent paying X% and the other parent paying Y%.
  • Cash, personal check, and card payments (debit and credit) are all excepted.