Psychological Evaluations For Parents

At times the Court or a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) requests that individual parents or others in a child’s home be psychologically evaluated. For the procedural details and fees related to such evaluations, contact Dr. Zieman.

Special Master

Dr. Zieman may be court appointed to assist parents in resolving a very specific child decision (for example, school choice or a child’s special needs). To resolve the issue Dr. Zieman may mediate with the parents or assess data related to the issue followed by a report recommending a decision in the child’s best interests.

Parenting Coordinator

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When parents need a facilitated forum in which to conduct and learn better coparenting, parents may voluntarily or by court order come to Dr. Zieman for ongoing coparenting coordination. Typically to start joint parent sessions (or telephone conference calls for physically distant parents) are scheduled every three to six weeks and later with less frequency. Dr. Zieman may also monitor written coparent communications.

Guidance is offered as a neutral third party in the areas of: parenting plan implementation, child development, school psychology, and constructive communication. The goals are to reduce conflict, increase cooperation and trust, prevent further court actions, and ultimately to reach sustained coparenting communication no longer needing assistance.

When parents so elect, Dr. Zieman can be assigned arbitration power so if parents become deadlocked over day-to-day child decisions, which are not addressed in their court-ordered parenting plan, then Dr. Zieman will make decisions in the best interests of the child(ren).