Psychological Evaluations For Parents

At times the Court or a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) request that individual parents or others in a child’s home be psychologically evaluated. Dr. Zieman does individual parent psychological evaluations as a court-appointed expert.

Court Appointment

To complete evaluations with individual parents, Dr. Zieman is appointed by the Court to serve as the Court’s expert (referred to as an 11-706 Court Expert in NM legal orders). The Court specifies how the costs of the evaluation will be paid.

Evaluation Fees & Procedures

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Evaluations are billed on a flat rate using the following schedule adjusted by parent age (to account for typical cumulative life history/factors to consider):
•. Age 18 to 29 – $2,600
•. Age 30 to 39 – $2,950
•. Age 40 to 49 – $3,400
•. Age 50 & up – $3,850
New Mexico Gross Receipts Taxes apply and are added on all fees.

Note: Evaluations done as the Court’s expert are not healthcare or therapy, and therefore cannot be billed to healthcare/medical insurance.

The flat rate fees above include:
•. Reviewing extensive background forms provided to each parent
•. Two direct, clinical interviews (totaling ≤5.0 hr.)
•. 3 major psychological tests
•. External documentation review of ≤1.5 hours
•. Collateral source interviews or consults (up to 20 min. each) with ≤2 collateral sources
• Written report for the Court and conference with case attorneys.
Sometimes added procedures are needed (such as reviewing extensive parent medical records or consultingmultiple collateral sources), in which case additional hourly fees apply.