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Child, Family and School Forensic Psychologist

Girard-Indian School Professional Building
2741 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 505.255.6002   Voice Mail: 505.255.8682 ext. 118    Fax: 255.7890   
E mail: glz@ziemang.com




Read about Dr. Zieman's Evaluations and Consultations for:

Child Custody Evaluation

Full-Family Consultation

Child Custody Evaluation Compared to Full-Family Consultation

Mediation and Parenting Coordination





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Dr. Zieman is a highly experienced psychologist in the areas of:

  • Child Custody and Time Sharing Evaluations as a court-appointed evaluator in divorce, separation, and adoption cases

  • Parenting Coordination and Mediation during and after divorce
  • Legal Cases Involving Children, Families amd Schools


Dr. Zieman has advanced degrees in both school and counseling psychology. He completed his clinical training at Colorado State University and Children's Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. For three years he worked as a full-time school psychologist in elementary, middle, and high schools. Dr. Zieman has extensive experience with the broad spectrum of childhood disorders, family problems and special education issues.

In 1989, Dr. Zieman became one of the first mental health professionals to work with the New Mexico divorce courts in a program of mediation and arbitration for parenting issues among divorced parents. He has served as an expert court witness for over 300 child custody or child/family legal cases of all kinds.


Further Details of Dr. Zieman's Qualifications and Background