• Consultation & counseling regarding coparenting & two-home issues
  • Parenting plan development or parenting plan revision issues
  • Mediator/arbitrator regarding child custody issues & parenting plans
  • Expert witness in civil tort litigation involving children

Dr. Zieman is a clinical psychologist specializing in child, family and educational matters.  Since 1998 he has focused on child and family matters when coparenting and two-home/two-parent issues are central.  He mediates and arbitrates parenting disputes and works with parents to write parenting plans, improve parenting, and coparent more effectively or congenitally.

Dr. Zieman also serves as an expert witness in civil tort cases when there is litigation involving children, families, and schools.

Prior to 1998, Dr. Zieman served as a child and family psychotherapist, school psychologist, and family therapist for the US Army, and hospital psychologist.  For more information, see the About tab.


Regarding parenting when there are two households having child custodial arrangements. Issues are discussed and advice is given.

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Mediation / Arbitration

Joint parent mediation is done to reach a focused decision or write a court-ready agreement or parenting plan. Arbitration, if mediation is unsuccessful, is optional.

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Tort Litigation

To assist the Court in determining fault & compensatory damages, the child(ren) or circumstances are assessed by Dr. Zieman as an expert witness. Common are claims of emotional injury, trauma or long-term treatment needs.

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